Customization vs Uniformity


Limiting the information that users can input makes designing an application easier and makes the experience more uniform when users interact with each other’s content. Is the simplicity of uniformity worth the compromise in customization? For nibl, I wanted to find a balance between the two, where the site will remain beautiful and adapt to anything a user does to customize their experience.

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Fall Cleaning & Code Reorganization


Originally we built nibl on aspx and ascx frameworks, but now we have been busy converting everything to MVC and AngularJS. We are also reevaluating what features are useful in nibl and what features to redefine. This reorganization has given me the opportunity to look at the basic structure of nibl’s pages and allowed me to improve upon old code.

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Image Sprites in Comparison


Image sprites are a staple of web design. They let designers gather all their frequently used interface images and icons all into one single image to be used throughout the site. Sometimes as a web designer, I get curious to see how really big sites like Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest use sprites in the design of their sites.

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